Estate of N. Ida Law & Estate of Ken R. Hilderman

Thursday August 12, 2021 4:00 pm | AB. CA.

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Lot#: 5

Versatile Model 140 34ft Field Cultivator, sn: 1403000538

**No Harrows**

Lot#: 6

Ezee-On Model 500 21ft Smoothing Disc


Lot#: 7

60ft Harrows with 4 Bar Mounted Harrows


Lot#: 8

5ft Rock Picker, sn: 7325


Lot#: 9

Versatile 4wd Tractor, dual hydraulics, NO PTO

NO SERIAL NUMBER, * needs work**

Lot#: 10

7020 Allis Chalmers Tractor, PTO, 3 hydraulics, sn: 13365

with Boss front end loader and bale fork, 18.4-38 rear rubber, 11.00-16 front rubber, 1787 hours showing, *Needs Work*

Lot#: 11

Approx. 15ft Land Roller


Lot#: 12

Older Hydraulic Bale Mover


Lot#: 13

Kello Built Series 20 Heavy Duty 20ft Breaking Disc

sn: KB874329261

Lot#: 14

White 249 25FT Cultivator

with Pro-Ject 4 bar mounted harrows

Lot#: 15

International 100 12ft Seed Drill with Grass box


Lot#: 16

NH 489 10ft Haybine, 540 PTO, sn: 799128

comes with extra knife.

Lot#: 17

NH 853 Round Baler, Twine, 540 PTO, sn: 853834


Lot#: 18

Kuhn GA 4120 TH Master Drive Rotary/Tedder Rake

540 PTO, sn: A1990

Lot#: 19

3 PTH Wheel Rake, sn: 41094


Lot#: 20

NH 315 Hayliner Small Square Baler with PTO, sn: 441533


Lot#: 21

NH Super 1049 Self Propelled Stack Wagon

856 hours showing, NO SERIAL NUMBER *Needs Work*

Lot#: 22

Highline Bale Pro 6000+ Bale Processor, 1000 PTO, sn: 9HC4033


Lot#: 23

International 550 Single Axle Manure Spreader

Single Beater, 540 PTO, wood floor, 14ft to back of beater,_x000D_ sn: 119084C005794

Lot#: 24

NH 851 Soft Core Round Baler, 540 PTO, sn: 621823


Lot#: 25

Flexi-coil Hydraulic Post Pounder, 540 PTO


Lot#: 26

JD 2140 Tractor, PTO, 3pth, dual hydraulics

front end loader 146, 6ft bucket, grapple, 18.4-30 rear rubber, 7.50-16 front rubber, 8523 hours showing, sn: 398632 *Needs Work*

Lot#: 27

Massey Ferguson 655 Hydrostatic Self Propelled Swather

with 14ft Header, **No hour meter**, Runs, but gas tank is contaminated, so requires exterior tank to run.

Lot#: 28

Skid Steer Quick Attach Post Hole Auger

Lot#: 29

Westeel - Rosco 5 ring bin, wood floor, 14ft wide 12.5ft Tall

*East Bin*

Lot#: 30

40' Sea Can with pegboard inside and door screen


Lot#: 31

3" x 147" Fence Rails (approx. 65)


Lot#: 32

Approx 18 assorted length fibre glass, sucker rod


Lot#: 33

40" x 55" Incinerator with Allanson Ignition Transformer


Lot#: 34

40" x 55" Incinerator with Allanson Ignition Transformer


Lot#: 35

2 Culverts, 1 is 80 1/2" x 3ft, 1 is 47" x 66"


Lot#: 36

Approx. 6 assorted Corrugated Culvert Pieces

Various Sizes

Lot#: 37

New Holland Skidsteer quick attach pallet forks


Lot#: 38

Westeel Fuel Tank. 46" x 72"


Lot#: 39

Westeel White Colored Fuel Tank 38" x 72" w/ Stand


Lot#: 40

John Wood Fuel Tank 46" x 88" w/ Stand


Lot#: 41

Westeel Fuel Tank 37" x 77" w/ Stand


Lot#: 42

John Deere 506 5ft 3pth Bush Hog Mower, sn:K0506008346W


Lot#: 43

Dear Born Model 10-156 3pth 2 bottom plow, sn: 38067


Lot#: 44

Howard Model 360 62" 3pth Rototiller, 540 PTO, sn: 630A 42277

11 Tooth Sprocket

Lot#: 45

Butler 3 ring bin, wood floor, 14ft wide x 12ft Tall

Middle Bin. With lg qnty of tile and other misc inside. Must take entire contents!

Lot#: 46

McKee Model 620 3pth Snowblower, 7ft Movable Stack, sn: 4633


Lot#: 47

3pth Post Hole Auger with 4ft x 8" Bit


Lot#: 48

3pth Hydraulic Bale Unroller


Lot#: 49

(1) 32x10 Skid Shack Building

shelving throughout, assorted cabinets, need some work

Lot#: 50

Heavy Duty 3pth 8ft Blade


Lot#: 51

New Holland 3pth Bale Spear, sn: 596141


Lot#: 52

8ft Tractor Bucket


Lot#: 53

Kanagon Model 6568 Truck Camper 8ft box

with bed, stove, fridge sink, fold doun table, sn: 721032

Lot#: 54

2000 White Ford F150 XLT, sn: 2FTPX18L9YCA14496

Extended Cab, Triton V8 gas engine, Auto transmission, cloth interior, long box, **Steering column is broken**, Truck needs work, does not run.

Lot#: 55

White Chev 1500 Cheyenne Extended Cab Truck, sn: 2GCEC19R5T1228816

2wd, gas engine, auto transmission, cloth interior, long box, **needs wiper arm, truck needs work, does not run**

Lot#: 56

Westeel Rosco 4 ring bin


Lot#: 57

1994 Ford F150XL Regular Cab Truck, sn:1FTEF14Y1RLB05927

4X4, long box, gas engine, 5 speed manual transmission, yellow, cloth interior, 2 gas tanks, manual locks, doors and windows.? *Truck needs work, does not run**.

Lot#: 58

1973 Chev Custom 20 Truck, sn: CKY2441116734

4X4, Regular Cab, Manual transmission,? **Truck does not run**

Lot#: 108

1987 Ford F150 XL Truck,

Extended Cab, 4x4, cloth interior, gas engine, manual transmission, **Truck needs work, does not run**

Lot#: 60

1978 White Ford F350 Custom Truck

with wood box? * Truck needs work does not run**

Lot#: 61

Quantity of Vinyl fencing


Lot#: 62

1952 Chev 1500 Truck

with 11ft Wood box.? *Truck needs work, does not run*??

Lot#: 63

1981 Nissan Datsun Truck, sn: JN6SD02S1BW002672

Regular Cab, 2wd, manual transmission, long box, 172,051kms

Lot#: 64

Mirage 16ft x 6ft Cargo Trailer, No Serial Number

tandem axle bumper pull, has damage around body

Lot#: 65

Blue Poly Calf Hut with Wooden Front Door


Lot#: 66

Poly Water tank w 2" camlock valve


Lot#: 67

2 cattle lick tanks


Lot#: 68

2 bowl waterer


Lot#: 69

Single bowl waterer


Lot#: 109

Calf Table


Lot#: 71

Metal bin


Lot#: 72

2 bale round bale feeder


Lot#: 73

3 wind panels


Lot#: 75

12' x 23' Steel Framed Calf Shelter


Lot#: 76

11' 8" x 19' 8" Steel Framed Calf Shelter w/ Tin Roof & Sides


Lot#: 77

16' x 8' Wooden Calf Shelter w/ Tin Roof & Sides


Lot#: 78

32' x 10' Building on Tandem Axle Transport. Pintle Hitch, 1 Wall Needs Work


Lot#: 79

Bale mover no wheels


Lot#: 80

Side delivery rake


Lot#: 81

Electric Lift


Lot#: 82

Propane tank


Lot#: 83



Lot#: 84

Shop Built Trailer


Lot#: 85

BP flatbed trailer w/ qnty of used tires and rims


Lot#: 86

Flagliner trailer


Lot#: 87

Double wire unroller


Lot#: 88

Fertilizer Spreader


Lot#: 89

Pull type rake


Lot#: 90

Harrows. Missing sections


Lot#: 91

4 bottom plow


Lot#: 92

6 bottom plow


Lot#: 93

5 bottom plow


Lot#: 94

Royal crowfoot packer


Lot#: 95

Wire unroller


Lot#: 96

Small bp trailer


Lot#: 97

MF Side delivery rake teeth missing


Lot#: 98

Rod weeder


Lot#: 99

Robin auger w/ gas motor.


Lot#: 100

Cultivator w/ 3 bar mounted harrows. Missing a wheel


Lot#: 101

Qnty of 3" post rails w/rebar in one side. And a couple railroad ties


Lot#: 2

2008 Eagle Iron Dump Trailer, sn: 2CPUSD2F58A010000

Tandem Axle, 16ft box, double rear doors, roll over tarp, steel floor

Lot#: 3

40' Sea Can w/ shelving inside


Lot#: 4

12ft Tandem Axle Utility trailer

wood floor, rear stabilizer jack,**has VIN plate, but can not read the plate**

Lot#: 102

Kids slide


Lot#: 103

4 wheeler. Runs, won't go in reverse


Lot#: 104

3 wheeler


Lot#: 105

Kodiak 4 wheeler. For parts


Lot#: 106

Antique kids teeder todder


Lot#: 1

Thomas 133 Skidsteer "S" Series, Model A411T139, dsl engine. sn: LE0063479

10-16.5 rubber, 3204 hrs with Thomas 5ft Bucket

Lot#: 150

"Mountain Mist" Mid Century Modern Painting by Wijmer.

Vintage Framed, Color Reproduction From Turner Accessories. *See Pictures for More Details*

Lot#: 59

32' x 10' Skid Shack. Needs Some Work, Has Shelving and Cabinets Throughout


Lot#: 70

32' x 10' Skid Shack. Needs Some Work, Has Shelving and Cabinets Throughout


Lot#: 151

"Out of Control" Drawing by Gary Patterson


Lot#: 152

"October Morn" Modern Mid Century Painting by Robert Wood

1956 River Lake Autumn Gold. *See Piictures for More Info*

Lot#: 153

(3) Flats of Various Sizes of Vintage Glass Jars and Bottles


Lot#: 154

(1) Flat of Various Vintage Comic Books


Lot#: 155

(1) Flat of Antique (1) Flat of Antique Seasoning Containers *Some w/ Contents*, (1) Flat of Various Vinyl Records, Antique Matches, Shaving Kit, Etc..


Lot#: 156

(3) Flats of Various Sizes of Vintage Glass Jars and Bottles, Magazines & Asst Jewelry.


Lot#: 157

(6) Flats of Various Vintage Cameras & Camera Parts


Lot#: 158

(5) Flats of Antique Jars, Decorative Light, Various Lamp Globes


Lot#: 159

(8) Flats of Various Vintage Cameras


Lot#: 160

Lg Blue Enamel Pot w/ Various Vintage Bars of Soap w/ Lid


Lot#: 211

(2) Flats w/ a Brass Pot, Glass Serving Dishes, Matching Decorative Pot Set, etc..


Lot#: 212

Flat w/ Various Vintage Items

3 Drawer Wooden Jewelry Storage Box, Wooden Picture Frame, Mirro Cookie Pastry Press, etc..

Lot#: 213

Box w/ Various Vintage Items

Spicey Ginger Decorative Sign, Lg Pot for Canning, Box of Small Mason Glass Jars, Qnty of Lids, Rings & Caps for Canning.

Lot#: 214

(2) Boxes of Various Vintage Items

8 Track Tapes, Round Hanging Mirror, Purity Cook Book, Glasss Dishes, Ceramic Dog, etc?

Lot#: 215

(2) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Storm Lantern, Nabob Coupons, Plastic Checker Pcs, Several Belt Buckles, Wooden Spoons, etc..

Lot#: 216

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Electric Knife, (3) Matching Pots, Knife & Sharpener, Glass Jar Full of Thread Spools, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Various Glasses, Dishes, Culinary Treasures Cook Book, etc..

Lot#: 217

German Made Wooden Cuckoo Clock


Lot#: 218

Bluebell Matching Dishware Set


Lot#: 219

(2) Boxes of Various Vintage Items

Dishware, Plates, Glass Jar Full of Wooden Thread Spools, Lamp Globes, etc

Lot#: 220

Flat of Various Vintage Items

(2) Lamps, Glass Jar w/ Wooden Thread Spools, Small Cups, etc..

Lot#: 221

Wood Box w/ Assorted Vinyl Records


Lot#: 222

Flat w/ Several Dolls, Small Crock & Other Items


Lot#: 224

(3) Assorted Lamps


Lot#: 225

Chinese Figurine Style Lamp


Lot#: 226

Fish Lamp


Lot#: 227

(5) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Small Crock Jar, Several Tins, Lamp, Ice Cube Trays, Vintage Tupperware, Several Pictures, Tea Serving Dishes, etc.

Lot#: 228

(5) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Serving Platter, Various Dishes, Tins, Chinese Checkers Board, Lamp, Barious Vintage Kids Toys, etc..

Lot#: 230

(2) Flats of Various Vintage Kids Toys, Several Glass Jars & Other Nick-Nacks


Lot#: 231

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Brass Tea Pot, Glass Bowls, bottles, Various Small Decorations, Cuff Links & Other Items

Lot#: 223

Small Vintage Wooden Sled, 2 Lamps, Metal pail w/ Lid, etc..


Lot#: 232

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Cast Iron Irons, Serving Boards, National 20 Grinder, Glass Jars, No 10 Grinder, Glass Dishes, Vintage Shaving Kit Various Coffee & Tea Pots, etc..

Lot#: 229

(4) Vintage TV Trays w/ Wooden Storage Rack & Vintage CCM Stationary Bike


Lot#: 233

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Vintage Ice Skates, Wind up Clock, Empty Glass Whiskey Bottles, Beer Glasses, Shot Glasses, Serving Tray, Several Vinyl Records, Belt Buckles, Ice Bucket, etc..

Lot#: 234

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Vintage Phone & Intercom System, Tins, Ceramic Pot, Several Lamps, 32pc Small Tool Set, Hansen Scale, etc..

Lot#: 235

(4) Boxes of Various Vintage Items

Metal Tackle Box, Various Metal Lids, Metal Bowls, Strainer, Glass Bottles, Platters, Perculator, Vintage Model II Insulated Meal Pack & Other Items

Lot#: 236

(3) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Candle Holders, Vintage Lamp, Glass Tea Pot, Nick-Nacks, Ceramic Bowls, Decorative Clock, Sun Beam Mix Master Electric Mixer, Vintage Singer Sewing Maching & Other Items.

Lot#: 237

(2) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Ceramic Bowls, Vintage Magazines, Soaps, Perfume Bottles, Glass Jar w/ Various Ladies Care Items, Umbrella, etc..

Lot#: 238

(1) Flat of Various Vintage Items

Vintage Kent Microscope w/ Extra Lenses, Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Eye Glasses, Various Vintage Meds, Ointments and Other Items.

Lot#: 239

Vintage A.D.A Decorative Sign


Lot#: 240

Vintage Serving Tray w/ Silverware


Lot#: 241

Vintage Iona Natur-Air Odor Unit, Clock Radio, RS 8 Track Stereo w/ L & R Speakers


Lot#: 242

Assortment of Vintage Electronics

Memorex Walkman CD Player, Vintage GE 8 Track Player, GE Am/FM Radio, Answering Machine.

Lot#: 243

Vintage Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer

"Advertised as the 1st Computer Under $100.00" at the Time.

Lot#: 244

(5) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Numerous Trinkets, Decorative Figurines, Vintage Electronic Massage Pad, Glass Dishware, etc..

Lot#: 245

(2) Boxes of Various Vintage Items

Vintage Transformer Paper Party Plates, Plastic Transformers Gift Bags & Various Matchbox Cars w/ 2 Carriers

Lot#: 246

Basket & Flat of Various Vintage Items

Watering Can, Pitcher, Display Shelf, Vintage Lamp, Wood Plant Pots, etc..

Lot#: 247

Misc Flast of Cast Iron Skillets, Griddle, Grill Racks & Several Other Items


Lot#: 248

Vintage Doll & Crib, Small Chalk Board, Tins, Wooden Storage Box, Picture, Ceramic Dog, etc..


Lot#: 249

(2) Flats w/ (2) Vintage Ash Trays, Lamp, Waste Basket & Hawaiian Girl


Lot#: 250

Vintage Flower Pot, Wooden Ash Tray & Picnic Basket


Lot#: 251

(2) Flats of Various Vintage Items

Monarch 20 Dial a Price Machine, Silverware, Tins, Vintage Ice Cream Maker, Cast Iron Skillets, Complete Picnic Pack, etc..

Lot#: 252

Imperial 3 Crock w/ Lid


Lot#: 253

(2) Boxes of Assorrted Toy Cars & Trucks


Lot#: 254

Imperial 2 Crock


Lot#: 255

Imperial 3 Crock


Lot#: 256

Medalta 2 Crock


Lot#: 257

Qnty of Vintage Clear Glass Milk Bottles


Lot#: 258

(2) Medalta 1 Crocks. (1 Has a Crack)


Lot#: 259

Box of Various Vintage License Plates


Lot#: 260

(2) Boxes & Flat of Various Antique Items

Lamp, Water Jug, Metal Pot, Kettles, Glass Jars Full of Nick-Nacks, etc..

Lot#: 351

Vintage Wooden Crib & Metal Head & Footboards & Metal Frame

Lot#: 352

Wooden 5' Ladder & Vintage WHR Product 15lb Lanolium Press

Lot#: 350

Custom Made (2) Benches & Table

benches are 4' x 20" x 19" & 4' x 20" x 18", table is approx 27.5" x 29"

Lot#: 353

Monarch No 0500 Vintage Coal Burning Stove & Larger Metal Stove

*lg one is missing some parts*

Lot#: 354

BS&M Scale Co Platform Beam Scale with Weights & Milk Can

Lot#: 355

Vintage Pea Sheller with Handle and Misc

wooden table 2'x4'x26", (1) wooden folding chair and (1) metal folding chair

Lot#: 356

Wooden Frame 3pc Glass Window 40" x 24", 3/4" Thick

Lot#: 357

(6) Drawer Wooden Desk with Wooden Rolling Chair

5' x 34" x 30",? *table has damage on top right corner*

Lot#: 358

Desk and Chairs

(3) Matching Foot Stools, wood kids chair, 3 drawer wood desk 4' x 22" x 30.5"

Lot#: 359

(2) Wooden tables & (1) Wooden Chest

(1) is 26" x 19" x 27" *Black*, (1) is 31" x 16" x 31" *Orange Flagging* with single drawer, wood chest with top door

Lot#: 360

(9) Metal and Wood Chairs *Orange Flagging*

Lot#: 361

(2) Pc Ping Pong Table

54" x 5' per section, *no net/balls/paddles*

Lot#: 362

(2) Wooden Deck Tables *No Legs* & (1) Old Wood Chair *Orange Flagging*

Lot#: 363

(8) Various Size Poker Folding Tables & (4) Metal Folding Chairs

*Yellow Flagging*?

Lot#: 364

Wood Table - 36.5" x 50" x 30" & Old Metal Chair

Lot#: 365

(1) Square Table & (1) Round Table with (4) Wood Chairs

Lot#: 366

Rectangular Wood Table - 40"x46" & (4) Matching Chairs *1 Has Missing Back*

comes with extra leaf

Lot#: 367

(3) Matching Wood Tables 3' x 3' & (7) Matching Chairs

Lot#: 368

Smaller Oval Table & (2) Chairs

Lot#: 369

Glass Top Table

40" x 40" x 28.5" with matching magazine caddy & smaller non matching wood table & 31.5" oval mirror

Lot#: 370

(2) Wood Tables with Drawers, (2) Folding Wood Chairs

and a broken kids rocking chair

Lot#: 371

Vintage Singer Machine

331K4 table top sewing machine, s/n: ER982648 with foot pedal, (4) sliding wood storage compartments & small metal sewing table with folding wing

Lot#: 311

3 Steel Multi Shelf Shelving Units Selling Shelves Only

**no contents on shelves included**

Lot#: 312

Wooden Shelf Display Cabinet and Metal Shelf Display Unit

**contents on shelves are NOT included**

Lot#: 372

Stoves and Desk

(2) wood stoves, (1) is light metal (tent stove) & (1) heavy metal and a kids wood desk

Lot#: 373

3 Drawer Dresser with Mirror

dresser is 38" x 18" x 34" *missing some handles*

Lot#: 374

2 Drawer Dresser with Mirror & Matching Magazine Rack

*missing some hardware*

Lot#: 375

8 Drawer Dresser

53.5" x 18" x 34" & (2) chair side tables (1) with lamp *power cord has been cut*

Lot#: 376

Wood Cabinet

42" x 18" x 32", 3 drawers and small end/side table with drawer

Lot#: 377

Double Door Wood Cabinet

40" x 21.5" x 30.5", smaller wood table with drawer and (2) pedestal legs

Lot#: 378

Wood Dining Room Table Set

table is 54" x 31" x 41" with 6 matching padded chairs

Lot#: 379

4 Door China Display Hutch with Lights on Top

**no shelves or cabinet! top only** 69" x 19" x 55.5"

Lot#: 380

Matching (2) Pc Display Center

multiple shelves and storing options, overall dimensions 68" x 19" x 67"

Lot#: 381

Matching (2) Pc Bedroom Set

76" x 20" x 30.5" & 39" x 20.5" x 6' tall, lots of storage with mirror board *no mirror*

Lot#: 382

Misc Tables

entryway table, double wing folding side table, oval mirror frame, etc...

Lot#: 383

3 Drawer Vintage Dresser

oval mirror, (2) pc coat rack & 2 shelf small table

Lot#: 384

Vintage 6 Drawer Wood Dresser

36.5" x 16" x 34" with mirror, antique plant stool, wood magazine caddy and vintage piano bench

Lot#: 385

(4) Vintage Wooden Bar Style Chairs

Lot#: 386

Double Wing Table with 2 Wood Chairs and Wood Rocking Chair

Lot#: 437

Power Mate 6.25hp 22in Cut Push Type Weed Eater

Lot#: 438

Honda Magnum 8 24" Rototiller with Gas Engine

Lot#: 439

Red SA Pull Type Dump Wagon

Lot#: 440

Honda HR 214 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

with easy start gas engine and bagger

Lot#: 441

Yard King 5.0hp 22" Cut Weed Trimmer

with Centura 5.0hp gas engine

Lot#: 442

3' PT Yard Rake

Lot#: 443

Red Devil Pull Type Poly Fertilizer/Seed Spreader

ground driven

Lot#: 444

Heavy Hauler SA Pull Type Utility Dump Wagon

Lot#: 445

Black and Decker LM110 Electric Lawn Mower

Lot#: 446

Sun Beam Snow Champ 22" Electric Snow Blower

Lot#: 447

Murray 2hp 10" Mini Rototiller

Lot#: 448

GE Electrotil Electric Tiller

Lot#: 449

Pull Type 38" Yard Sweep with Gas Engine

Lot#: 450

Deines Magnum 2000 Lawn Mower with 72" Deck

rear weights, 528 hours showing,?

Lot#: 451

Deines 1800 KT OHV Series Lawn Mower

48" cut, 729 hours showing

Lot#: 452

Misc Pallet

Jobmate folding work bench and scaffolding

Lot#: 453

Misc Pallet

Karcher 580 electric pressure washer, Karcher window washer, standard model C-110 heater, etc...

Lot#: 454

Misc Pallet

various corded drills, cut off saw, asst of cutting and grinding discs, jack, Craftsman dremel tool, etc...

Lot#: 455

Misc Pallet

Mastercraft maximum pneumatic action multi nailer, various skil saws, drills, sanders, etc...

Lot#: 456

Misc Pallet

rubber floor mats, metal case, soddering gun, asst "C" clamps, vise clamps, etc...

Lot#: 457

Misc Pallet

Makita grinders, various drills, bench vise, Sears 295 amp electric welder

Lot#: 458

Trademaster 14" Cut-Off Saw *Like New*

Lot#: 459

16 Speed 1/2hp Drill Press

Lot#: 460

Misc Pallet

Windsor 12" electric grout hog and tile saw

Lot#: 461

Misc Pallet

Hitachi C-10FC saw, Makita drill, jig saws, sanders, extension cords, etc...

Lot#: 462

Misc Pallet

drills, jig saws, belt sander and belts, Craftsman saw, etc...

Lot#: 463

Misc Pallet

Rigid 18V cordless drill, impact, 2 batteries and charger with radio, air nailers, saws, levels, etc...

Lot#: 464

Misc Pallet

trowles, easy spray stainer, tile saw, sponges, etc...

Lot#: 465

Misc Pallet

Mastercraft rotary tool kit, power fist 4 1/2" diamond saw, Job Mate cut out tool, Mastercraft tool kit, levels, Mastercraft saw, etc...

Lot#: 466

Misc Pallet

Concept 14 volt cordless skil saw and sawzall, multiple hand saws, hand tools, etc...

Lot#: 467

Misc Pallet

router, hand tools, Power Fist 6" laser level kit, drills, Bosch skil saw

Lot#: 468

Misc Pallet

Craftsman 10" radial saw on stand, Craftsman route a signer router attachment

Lot#: 469

Misc Pallet

Craftsman folding work bench, Ryobi BT3000 10" table saw on stand

Lot#: 470

Misc Router Pallet

various routers, bits, stands, belt sander, drills, etc...

Lot#: 471

Misc Pallet

saw table, folding table, Craftsman 10" table saw on stand

Lot#: 472

Dewalt 710 8" Radial Saw

Lot#: 473

EPPS 6300 Electric Pressure Washer & (2) Heaters

Lot#: 474


Mastercraft 1 1/2hp 8 gallon electric air compressor, older air compressor *no wires*, JD portable air tank

Lot#: 475

(3) Used Motors, (1) Used Generator & New Legend 3 1/2hp Engine

Lot#: 476

Mitsubishi MGE 6700 Watt Generator

Lot#: 477

Homelite 5000 Watt Generator

Lot#: 478

Dewalt Panel Saw

Lot#: 480

Approx (10) Various Propane & Oxygen/Acetylene Bottles and Tanks

Lot#: 481

8? x 5? Section of Shelving with Contents

Lot#: 482

Misc Pallet

hitches, tire irons, receiver hitches, etc...

Lot#: 483

Misc Pallet

chain, tow hooks, straps, metal boxes

Lot#: 484

5' x 5' 6 Tier Metal Shelf with Contents

Lot#: 485

Misc Pallet

live trap, wonder rack hauler, block and tackle, hose clamps, hooks, etc...

Lot#: 486

Misc Pallet

various floor jacks, bottle jacks, implement jacks, etc...

Lot#: 487

Misc Pallet

barrel pumps, electric fuel pumps, funnels, gas can, grease guns, filters, etc...

Lot#: 488

Misc Pallet

linseed oil, creosote, vintage gas cans, string, lube oils, strap, etc...

Lot#: 489

Misc Tin Pieces

various sections of unused tin and metal brackets and chanels *for building extensions*

Lot#: 490

Misc Pallet of Jacks

assorted bottle jacks, floor jacks, implement jacks, etc...

Lot#: 491

Misc Pallet

chain, ratchet straps, boomers, come a longs

Lot#: 492

Team Mechanix 1500 lb Floor Jack for ATV or Snowmobile

Lot#: 493

Misc Pallet

gas cans, metal lube cans, lead substitutes, additives, etc...

Lot#: 494

Misc Pallet

various hyd hoses, assorted lengths and diameters

Lot#: 495

Misc belts

assorted sizes and kinds of V belts and other belting

Lot#: 496

Pallet of fuel hose

various fuel hoses etc...assorted lengths and sizes

Lot#: 497

Pallet of misc wire

shop light, power cords, electrical wire, outlets, etc...

Lot#: 498

Assorted Hand Tools

shovels, brooms, scrapers, edgers, brushes, etc...

Lot#: 499

Misc Pallet

assorted electric motors, grinders, skil saw, jumper cables, etc... *May Not Work*

Lot#: 500

2 aluminum ladders

1 - is 6' step ladder, 1 - extension ladder

Lot#: 501

Misc Pallet

wheel chalk, car ramps, various motorcraft shock absorber kits, 12V solar panel, electric portable air compressor, etc...

Lot#: 502

Misc Pallet

hand saws, level, extension cord, drill press stands, assorted drills and other power tools

Lot#: 503

Misc Pallet

hand saws, trowels, nylon cord, assorted locks, hand tools, etc...

Lot#: 504

Misc Pallet

garbage bags, leather shotgun shell belt, assorted thatcher springs, smoke alarms, burglar alarms, locks, etc...

Lot#: 505

Misc Pallet

electrical wire, timers, drop lights, bulbs, etc...

Lot#: 506

Misc Pallet

Honda WP20X 5.5hp water pump with gas engine, gas cans, sump pump, jet pump, pressure washer wand, etc...

Lot#: 507

Assorted Hyd Rams, Hyd Blocks, Etc...

Lot#: 508

Misc tools

hammers, axes, handles and heads, pliers, wrenches, screw drivers, and other assorted hand tools

Lot#: 509


Paragon Model LT-3 kiln - for pottery with controls, 45 amp, 230 V and various shelf hangers and hooks

Lot#: 510

Misc tools

pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, crimpers, septic snake, etc...

Lot#: 511

Misc wrenches

bolt cutters, tin snips, crescent wrenches, allen wrenches, pliers, files, assorted standard and metric wrenches, etc...

Lot#: 512

Misc Pallet

pliers, various sockets, solar battery tester, battery charger, crescent wrenches, etc...

Lot#: 513

Tractor seats

various tractor seats, slow moving signs, work lights, buckles, etc...

Lot#: 514

2 - Metal Shelves with Contents

Lot#: 515

4 Tier Rolling Shelf with Contents

Lot#: 516

Diplomat 100 Document Safe on Wheels

comes with key and combo, 20" x 18" x 27"

Lot#: 517


4 wheeled dolly cart, hand pumps, PTO adapters, rubber gloves, quantity of Eaton's gopher bait and Elston gopher getter jr probe

Lot#: 518

Misc Pallet

punches, files, snips, wrenches, sockets and hammers, etc...

Lot#: 519

Misc tools

saws, levels, rasps, files, pliers, caulking guns, etc...

Lot#: 520


nails, fence staples, rivet guns, etc...

Lot#: 521


various nuts, bolts, washers, etc...

Lot#: 522


broom handles, various door knobs and hardware, peg board hangers, screws, black mesh screen, etc...

Lot#: 523

Misc tools

wrenches, pry bars, sockets, crimpers, snips, bench vise, etc...

Lot#: 524

Misc Pallet

Miller Thunder Bolt 225 welder with cables, numerous welding helmets, face shields, gloves, brushes, etc...

Lot#: 525

Misc Pallet

electric winch, truck side mirror brackets, side truck mirrors (fits GM), hand winch, work lights, etc...

Lot#: 526

Misc oils

various lubes, oils, funnels, grease guns, etc...

Lot#: 527


quantity of various size pulleys, sprockets, bearings, etc...

Lot#: 528


Power Fist 6.5hp water pump with gas engine, gas cans, extra metal gas tank, quantity of 2" water hose, purex triton dynamo electric water pump, etc...

Lot#: 529

Shelving and contents

(1) section of peg board shelving 8' x 4.5' with contents

Lot#: 530

Shelf and contents

(1) double sided section of peg board shelving 99" x 64" x 34.5" with contents?

Lot#: 531


5' x 30" wood folding table and smaller wood table

Lot#: 532

Approx (18) Various Size Bucket Teeth & 22"x25" Wood Table Top

Lot#: 533

Dolly Cart and Rolling Chair

Lot#: 534

Misc glass and mirror

quantity of various sizes of glass and mirror, largest glass is 92" x 4'

Lot#: 535

Misc Pallet

fire extinguishers, vintage fire bells, various ropes, harnesses and linesmans items

Lot#: 536

Misc Pallet

quantity of air tools, air nailer, hand held sand blaster, impacts, sand blasting pot, etc...

Lot#: 537

Misc Pallet

motomaster battery charger, car ramps, creeper board, 2 screens, spotlight, first aid kit, etc....

Lot#: 538

Misc lights

3 yard lights, bulbs, power cords, older electric fans, quartz halogen light, etc...

Lot#: 539


3' x 23" steel welding table, HD bench vise, clamps, skill HD electric drill on sliding press bar

Lot#: 540


3 tier wood shelf with assorted pneumatic staples, paint scrapers, vintage paint can, 2 saw horses, vintage sears transit in case, tripod, tape

Lot#: 541

Misc Pallet

Delta shop master 2 gallon 100 PSI electric air compressor, bungee straps, hyd power pack, chain, GE 750/1500 watt heater, battery chargers,etc...

Lot#: 542

Manual Tire Changer and Sledge Maul

Lot#: 543


stools, single pipe rack, 5 gallon bucket

Lot#: 544

LKS Power Hacksaw Model 256

Lot#: 545

2 red tool boxes and contents

2 partially stocked tool boxes with pry bars, punches, bolts, spark plugs, vise grips, wrenches, etc...

Lot#: 546

11 Drawer Red Upright Tool Box

partially stocked with various sockets, nut drivers, hole saw kit, electrical supplies, pliers, etc...

Lot#: 547

Comet HD Pedestal Bench Grinder 3450 RPM

Lot#: 548

HD Drill Press on Shop Built Pedestal

Lot#: 549

(2) Multi Shelf Rolling Carts Stocked with Contents

Lot#: 550

Cabinet on wheels

44" x 55" x 20" 3 shelf storage cabinet on castor wheels with halogen work light

Lot#: 551

White cabinet

68" x 57" x 2' multi drawer storage cabinet stocked with contents on castor wheels, rolling floor dolly with various oils

Lot#: 553

Work bench

10' x 31.5" x 30.5" HD shop work table on castor wheels with hanging rack and wheel barrel

Lot#: 552

16' 5 Tier Storage Shelf with Peg Board and Contents

Lot#: 554

(2) Multi Drawer Rolling Racks Stocked with Various Items

Lot#: 555

6' 5 Drawer Wood Storage Cabinet

Lot#: 556

Wall of Misc & Contents

wall of assorted tins with pins, grease fittings, chain links, various parts and pieces, **wood shelving does NOT sell!** *orange ribbon*

Lot#: 557

Wall of Misc & Contents

large assortment of nuts, bolts, castor wheels, screws, nails, tins with various splicers, nails, clips, bolts, etc... **wood shelves are NOT for sale** *pink ribbon*

Lot#: 558

Wall of Misc & Contents

assortment of tins with pins, chain, wheels, etc....

Lot#: 559

(3) drums of various canarie seed and other grass seeds

Lot#: 560

Outdoor Spicket with 9.5' Pipe

Lot#: 561

South wall contents

extension cord, water hose, light fixtures, pipe, propane bottles, alumi tech tonneau cover, 6.5' box, rolls of sisal twine, 2 truck air bags, jacks, quantity of galvanized pipe, various lengths

Lot#: 562

Entire North Wall

storm door, plywood sheets, assorted PVC pipe, extension ladder, plastic pipe, etc...

Lot#: 563


mastercraft 8" drill press *never used*, HD bench grinder, hand held grinder, various grinding wheels, discs, and brushes, etc...

Lot#: 564


assortment of PTO's, 3PTH arms, 3PTH bars, 3PTH ball hitch, etc...

Lot#: 565


chain vises, pipe cutter, etc...

Lot#: 566


pipe reamer, tow strap, bench clamps, etc...

Lot#: 567


rubber truck bed mat, various running boards, etc...

Lot#: 568


2 Magnum fence chargers, sledge hammer, tamping bar, gate closers, fencing pliers, etc...

Lot#: 315

Sm Decorative Metal Table & Vintage Epson HX-20 Laptop Computer

*labeled as the 1st lap top computer in 1980*

Lot#: 314

Original Water Color by George Frederick Nicholls

Lot#: 313

2 Sections of Orange Shelving - 49" Wide x 18' Total Length

**contents are NOT included**

Lot#: 316

2 Sections of Orange Shelving - 49" Wide x 18' Total Length

**contents are NOT included***

Lot#: 317

Vintage pallet

various vintage platters, jars, cups, silverware, etc...

Lot#: 318

Vintage pallet

lamps, cups, tins, serving dishes, toaster, silverware, jars, etc...

Lot#: 319

3 Vintage Baby Strollers and Partial Set of Golf Clubs

Lot#: 320

5 Misc boxes

various vintage items: files, strapping, punches, doll toys, syringes, presses, jars, washboard, lamp, etc...

Lot#: 569


6 empty mineral tubs, various gopher traps, etc...

Lot#: 570


2 calf sleds, mineral box, scale, bucket heater, hammers, etc...

Lot#: 571


pallet with large quantity of tire chains *tractor chains are set* 18.4-34

Lot#: 321

Qnty of Various Interior and Exterior Doors

several windows, underlay, 4 sinks, etc... *orange ribbon*

Lot#: 322

Various Doors, Mattress & Box Springs,

Bi Fold Doors, Rolling Mirror Doors, etc... *yellow ribbon*

Lot#: 323

Lg Qnty of Sinks and Toilets

*pink ribbon*

Lot#: 575

Misc Pallet

Outlets, Wall Mount Fan, Electrical Cord, Switch Coverings, LED 120v Light, Etc..

Lot#: 576

Misc Pallet

Clamps, Plumbing Supplies, Conduit, Wire Connectorss, Thermostat, Etc..

Lot#: 577

Misc Pallet

1 1/2" & 2" Hose Connectors, Asst of Plumbing Supplies, Screws, Nails, Hinges, Etc..

Lot#: 578

Misc Pallet

Electrical Supplies, Breakers, Wire, Caulking Guns, Junction Boxes, Sockets, Etc..

Lot#: 579

Misc Pallet

Plumbing Supplies, Vent Covers, Flex Pipe, Taps, Door Hardware, Central Vac Piping, Etc..

Lot#: 580

Misc Pallet

Step Ladder, Folding Hand Truck, Saw Blades, Level, Misc Screws, 100' Tape, Dremel Tool, Laser Level, Etc..

Lot#: 581

Misc Pallet

(13) Full Boxes & (3) Partial Boxes of Chaparral Oak Laminate Flooring. (15) Full Boxes & (1) Partial Box of Europa Bologna Oak Laminate Flooring & Several Rolls of Underlay.?

Lot#: 582

Misc Pallet

Level, Cube Door, Sand Paper, Lg Cooking Pot, Corner Cabinet & Hardware. (2) Kitchen Cabinets in Boxes, Etc..

Lot#: 583

Misc Pallet

(2) Packages of R-12 Insulation, (2) Rolls of Real Wood Vanier, Closemaid 5'-8' Closet Organizer, (4) Rolls of Underlay.

Lot#: 107

Skidsteer auger bits 4", 9" & 12" w/ 4' extension

Lot#: 584

Misc Pallet

Qnty of Hand Tools, Extension Cords, Electric Chainsaw, Electric Head Shear, Dewalt Cutout Tool, Craftsman Air Tools, Trakker 2500lb Winch *In Box*, Etc..

Lot#: 585

Misc Pallet

Metal Rolling Storage Cabinet, Lockable Rolling Cabinet w/ Key

Lot#: 110

Pallet of Metal Shelving, GSW 130L Hot Water Tank & Rain Barrel

Lot#: 586

Misc Pallet

6' Step Ladder, Dolly Cart, Mulltiway Ladder, Cabinets & Hardware, Etc..

Lot#: 587

Misc Pallet

Creeper Boards, Wheel Barrow Handles, Electric Car Polisher, Roadside Safety Kit, Etc..

Lot#: 111


vintage Merry Tiller, hyd cylinder, propane tank, hose, fire extinguishers, etc...

Lot#: 588

Misc Pallet

Car Ramps, Tow Rope, Truck Mirrors, Motorcycle Lights, Tire Wrenches, Auto Par Shocks, Etc..

Lot#: 112

Misc Pallet

jack pump wheel and housing, vintage water hydrant, scale beam, Calgary Brewing Co vintage keg

Lot#: 589

Misc Pallet

Spark Plugs, Slow Moving Signs, Motorcycle Lights, Tow Hooks, Breathing Mask, Straps, Etc

Lot#: 113

(2) Vintage Wood Stoves

*needs work/parts missing*

Lot#: 590

Misc Pallet

Implement Jacks, Etc..

Lot#: 114

Older Wood Burning Fireplace Insert, Fire Screen & Vintage Coal Stove

No. 44, *for parts*

Lot#: 591

Misc Pallet

Ram Electric Air Compressor, Asst of Hand Tools, (2) Electric Wenches, Heat Gun, 1000lb Pickup Truck Lift, Etc..

Lot#: 115

Slip tank

*no pump*

Lot#: 592

Misc Pallet

Castor Wheels, Router Bits, Drill Bits, Plastic Banding, Hangers, Etc..

Lot#: 593

(3) Multi Drawer Shelving Carts w/ Contents on Castor Wheels

Electrical Breakers, Cord Ends, Lamp Parts, PVC Fittings, Etc..

Lot#: 116

66" x 22" Counter Top with Single Sink

6' x 3' x 20" tub, 59.5" x 76" x 36" tub with surround

Lot#: 117

Pallet of Assorted Lumber

various kinds and sizes

Lot#: 594

(2) Multi Drawer Shelving Carts w/ Contents on Castor Wheels

Gas Caps, Fuses, Fittings, Ground Clamps, Transformer, Etc..

Lot#: 118

(2) Pallets with Asst Chainlink and Chainlink Gates

Lot#: 119

Misc Pallet: Truck Sleeper 30" x 6' & Roof Rack Ladder

Lot#: 595

(5) Pallets of Various Sizes, Colors & Types of Tile, Tile Tools, Electric Paint Stripper, Trowels, Etc..

Lot#: 120

40" Propane Hanging Heater and Cement Mixer with Electric Motor

Lot#: 121

(3) Partial Rolls of 4' Page Wire

Lot#: 596

Pallet of (7) Boxes of Old Brick Originals Thin Bricks. 1/2" Thick Approx (50) Per Box

Lot#: 597

(4) Windows

46" x 42", 47" x 38",59 1/8" x 35 1/2",46" x 42 1/8"

Lot#: 122

Electric Fencing Pallet

several electric fencers, insulators, slick wire, rope wire, fiberglass posts, etc...

Lot#: 123

Misc Pallet of Various Cinder & Decorative Brick & Block

Lot#: 124

Misc Pallet

barb wire, fence stays, hammers, pliers, fence staples, etc...

Lot#: 125

Misc Pallet

poly hopper, bin sweep with electric motor and 8' auger

Lot#: 598

Misc Pallet

Qnty of Various Electric Motors

Lot#: 599

Misc Pallet

Breakers, Bulbs, Fire Siren, Light Switches, Etc..

Lot#: 126

Misc Pallet

baler parts for NH baler

Lot#: 600

(3) Metal Trolley Cabinets on Castor Wheels.

31 1/2" x 42" x 24" w/ Glass Doors. Lockable *No Keys*

Lot#: 601

(3) 12" Attic Turbines & 12" Electrical Fan

Lot#: 127

Plastic Truck Bed Liner and Tail Gate Liner

Lot#: 602

Misc Pallet

Conduit Connectors, U Clamps, Fittings, Etc..

Lot#: 128

Case IH BMX 160H Hyd Front Mount Blade 5'

Lot#: 603

Misc Pallet

Propane Regulators, Reciever Hitches, Pintle Hitch, 3" Cam Lock, Alternators, Etc..

Lot#: 604

Misc Pallet

Weed Eater Spools, Bulbs, Hinges, Caulking, Etc..

Lot#: 129

Older HD Ditch Witch with Gas Engine

*needs work*

Lot#: 605

Misc Pallet

Junction Boxes, Breaker Panels, Conduit, 110/220 Plugins, Cable Sling Etc..

Lot#: 135

Vintage Grain Cleaner with Extra Screens (2 Pallets)

Lot#: 606

Misc Pallet

Qnty of Vent Piping, Caps, Propane Heater for Cube Van, Etc..

Lot#: 131

Quantity of Assorted Wood Posts

Lot#: 132

Misc Pallet of Tires

(6) ATV tires, (4) AT489 on rims, (2) 25x10.00-12 no rims, and 2 truck tires

Lot#: 607

Approx (12) pcs of Galvanizes Piping. Approx 20' Long

Lot#: 608

(3) Pcs of Square Tubing & Other Channel. Various Lengths

Lot#: 609

Misc Pallet

5th Wheel Hitch Plate, Funnels, Snow Scoop, 5/8" Roll of Radiator Hose, Reciever Hitch, 6"-11" Chimney Sweep, Etc..

Lot#: 133

2 pallets of tires

(7) various size tires, (10) various size tires *some on rims*

Lot#: 610

Misc Pallet

Peg Board Hangers, Junction Boxes, Light Sockets, Floor Vent Covers, Etc..

Lot#: 611

Misc Pallet

Lg Panel Box, Truck Camper Boomer Brackets, Drywall All Purpose Compound, Etc..

Lot#: 134

Misc Pallet

various size small implement tires, wheels, rims and jumper cables

Lot#: 612

Misc Pallet

Various Panel Boxes, PVC Peices, Shurlift Jacks, Metal Electrical Covers, Etc..

Lot#: 130

Red Tire Rack on Wheels

Lot#: 613

Misc Pallet

Joist Hangers, 4x4 Post Bases, Weather Stripping, Etc..

Lot#: 136

Misc Pallet

(3) implement tires on rims & (7) various other tires

Lot#: 137

Red Tire Rack on Wheels

Lot#: 614

Misc Pallet

Vacuum, Red Head Hilti Gun, Sodering Gun, Drill Press, Sears Router, Etc..

Lot#: 615

Misc Pallet

Grease Gun, Grinder Wheels, Barrel Pump, Hyd Cylinder, Small Staples, Etc..

Lot#: 616

Misc Pallet

Chimney Pipe, Copper Boxing Staples, Sand Bags, Joist Hangers, Corners, Etc..

Lot#: 617

Misc Pallet

Junction Boxes, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Wire, Vent Covers, Etc..

Lot#: 618

4 Tier Peg Board Shelving Unit. 8' x 40" on Wheels & 4' x 6' Peg Board Rack on Wheels

Lot#: 619

Plastic Frame for Unknown Size of Building, (2) File Cabinets & Poly Storage Box

Lot#: 620

Checker Plate Aluminum Truck Tool Box & Metal Garbage Can

Lot#: 621

Misc Pallet

Metal Step, Insulators, Roller Track Parts, Galvanized Wash Tub, Etc..

Lot#: 622

Fold a Cart Collapsible Wheel Barrow / Cart

Lot#: 623

Disassembled 4x4 Shelving Unit & Extension Ladder

Lot#: 624


Vinyl Siding, PVC Pipe, Trim, Vinyl Stripping, Board, Conduit, Etc.. *Pink Ribbon*

Lot#: 625


Various Tin Corners, J Channel, Trim, Base Board, Tin Pcs, Tongue & Groove Wood, Etc.. *Yellow Ribbon*

Lot#: 626


Trim, Corner pcs, J Channel, Snow Fence, Electrical Wire, Etc..

Lot#: 138

Pile of Scrap Metal

Buyer is Responsible for Loading and Removing This Lot.

Lot#: 74

16? x 8? Wooden calf shelter with tin roof and sides

Lot#: 5A

1975 JD 4430 Tractor. *Started Leaking Hyd Fluid at the Pump During Viewing.*

158 FEL w/ 6' Bucket. 540/1000 PTO, 2 Hyd, 18.4-38RR. New Alternator & Water Pump. Quad Range Trans. 2769 Hrs Showing. S/N 4430H070075R.For More Info Contact Ross (403) 636-0012. *Started Leaki...

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